With typical Swiss precision, we guarantee:

Artmotion guarantees the quality of its services and has been helping businesses for well over a decade. Our success has been based on the core principles listed below.

“Delivering the right service at the right time is crucial to our success. We approach every project with the same energy and passion”

Artmotion delivers Swiss quality, priding ourselves on our level of customer service and technical excellence.”

Mateo Meier – Management

Your service
Our guarantee!

Network uptime guarantee

For every 60 minutes of additional time you will receive a full days rent back.


VIP Support

With our 24/7 SLA we will respond to VIP support inquiries within business hours in just 60 minutes and just 120 minutes outside of business hours.


Basic Support

We will respond to general support inquiries within just 6 hours.


Operation Time without Power

Our state of the art datacenter can go five business days (120 hours) without power, guaranteeing good server uptime.


Dedicated Server deployment

All standard servers are available within 24 hours after the payment clearance.


Power Uptime

We currently boast an impressive 100% power uptime. Your data couldn't be safer.


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