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Why should I host my data in Switzerland?

  • Neutral Offshore Hosting

    Switzerland has a long history of neutrality—It has not been in war since 1815 and has remained neutral in any international political affairs.

    Independent Private Cloud

    Switzerland remains independent in any government or political matter, is not a member of the EU and European Economic Area. Furthermore, it is listed among the top five countries in the “Economic Freedom” index.

    Located in the middle of Europe

    Switzerland is at the crossroads of major international trade routes in Europe. You can reach most major European cities within four hours from Switzerland, making it the gateway to Europe.

    Low network latency

    Our location is beneficial for any IT operation, due to the short distances within Europe and Switzerland being situated between the Asia/Middle East and the US Market.

    Tax Advantages

    Switzerland is an attractive tax location, providing both, a long lasting stability and a low tax rate to corporations and private individuals. The canton of Zug has been ranked as the city with one of the lowest tax rates within Switzerland.

    Long lasting stability

    Switzerland has an unemployment rate below 3,5% and has the highest wealth per adult in the world. The unemployment rate in Zug is aprox. 1,9%

  • Low environmental risks

    Switzerland isn’t prone to environmental risks, such as tsunamis, volcanos, earthquakes or floods, an important factor for most of our clients.

    Not a part of the EU

    Switzerland is not a member of the European Union and therefore has not been affected by the Euro crisis.

    Excellent International Relations

    Switzerland pursues an active foreign policy and is home to a large number of international organizations, including the second largest UN office and the Red Cross.

    Surrounded by the Swiss and French alps

    With a span of over 200 km and an average altitude of 1700 m, the alps are surrounding Switzerland and act as a natural protection for the region.

    High living standards

    Zurich has respectively been ranked as the city with the second highest quality of life.

    Highly motivated or Educated Staff

    Swiss employees are well known for their reliable, efficient and well-structured working performance. Furthermore Switzerland has an excellent education system and is surrounded by top universities.

We offer bespoke secure data outsourcing solutions.

  • Manufacturing & Consumer Goods
  • Retail & Travel
  • Science & Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Technology
  • Banking & Financial
  • Energy, Oil and Gas

Secure Servers

Secure, affordable, high performance dedicated servers in our world class Swiss datacenter.

  • 99.9% network uptime guarantee (?)
  • Min. 1.5 Tb HD Diskspace (?)
  • Incl. 3000 GB of bandwidth (?)
  • 100 Mbps server port
  • Ready in 24 hours (?)
Starting at 199 € per month

Secure Cloud Server

Safe guard your data from corruption, without financial or physical restrictions "in the cloud".

    • No setup fee (free setup) (?)
    • Data secured in several places simultaneously (?)
    • Swiss datacenter location (?)
    • Windows and Linux support (?)
    • 100% Swiss based (?)
Starting at 99 € per month

Rack Hosting

Artmotions state of the art datacenter provides an ideal location to house your businesses rack servers.

  • Fully managed, reducing challenges and
  • costs of in-house server (?)
  • high speed connections and added security
  • located in central Switzerland
  • additional high level support
Starting at 499€ per month

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