Switzerland E-Mail Archive

E-Mail Sharepoint Archive: Secure and protected!

Email has become the most important form of communication for conducting business. The volume of inbound and outbound messages is growing and the need to preserve and search through the ever-growing data has become essential.

Artmotion’s Email Archiving Software (also called “Secure E-Mail Archiving”) creates identical copies of all E-Mails in a central archive so you can access them

any time you want. Users can still access their emails using Microsoft Outlook, Web Access, or a Mobile Device Access Solution. Furthermore you can take advantage of the search tools and you can effortlessly back up every mailbox on your domain whenever you like.

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  • Protection Against Data Loss

    Our Archive System stores all emails within our datacenter, located securely offshore in Switzerland. This way you have a guarantee that no data will be lost.

    E-Mail Recovery

    The Archive System lets you restore lost e-mails and secure vital e-mails without an extra software or expensive hardware.


    Our system stores all content permanently- an important factor for compliance issues or internal investigations.

  • E Discovery

    Our E-discovery tool allows you to browse and search all content stored on our infrastructure.

    Outlook Integration

    Our software is invisible to the Outlook user and offers full Outlook integration, including mail content, calendar entries, public folders, PST files and contacts.

    Reduce Email Server

    Reduce your email server size by relocating your data to the archive system.

Call us on +41 43 44 3-4-5-6-7 or enquire here to see how we can help you