Higher spending on data security isn’t delivering results for businesses

Mateo Meier | February 9, 2017

Computer Weekly has reported on research that shows cyber breaches are increasing despite increased security spending. As the report highlights the news suggests that “despite the rise in breaches, companies are still prioritising network and endpoint security systems over encryption”. The fact is that there are many factors that make up good data security policy and investing in ‘security technology’ isn’t the necessarily the most important. Instead businesses need to take a more holistic view of their security decisions and to consider everything from the physical location of their data storage to the regulatory environment in those countries.

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Read more at http://www.computerweekly.com/news/450411700/Security-spending-leaving-data-vulnerable-study-finds

Mateo Meier
Mateo Meier, founder of Artmotion, spent the early stages of his career over in the US where he became an astute marketing director before returning home to Switzerland to setup Artmotion. Artmotion was started in early 2000 and provides highly bespoke server solutions to an international set of clients.