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No security shortcuts in the cloud

As the cloud has become the central data platform for enterprises around the world so it is an increasingly attractive target for hackers and criminals. Indeed, Microsoft’s latest Security and Intelligence report has shown that attacks on cloud-based accounts have increased by 300% in 2017 compared to 2016.

However, while the report states that: “a large majority of these compromises are the result of weak, guessable passwords and poor password management”, the report also identifies breaches of third-party services as a leading cause of compromised data.

This just goes to show how important it is that businesses choose cloud partners that can offer the highest levels of security – particularly when it comes to data hosting. Indeed, a separate report, Alert Logic’s Cybersecurity Trends 2017 Spotlight, has highlighted that security professionals’ top concern is securing data in the cloud. Interestingly, second on the list of concerns was threats to data privacy.

As security threats continue to grow, today’s IT departments need smarter and more responsive security solutions. In particular, they need to ensure that that their business’ data is safe and accessible only by you and your employees.

The need for greater security also means, as we have said before, that total end-to-end encryption is absolutely essential – it is simply not negotiable. Businesses have not just a right to protect their (and their customers’) data, they have a responsibility to do so. It’s why we have put encryption at the heart of the services we offer our customers.

And, for all the benefits of cloud platforms, that ultimately that is the key point. With security threats continually increasing, it is vital that any cloud solution is done right. There should be no shortcuts when it comes to data security.


EU standing up for encryption

The European parliament’s committee on civil liberties, justice and home affairs has suggested that amendments to the 2002 regulation on privacy and electronic communications (ePrivacy) are required in order to safeguard encryption. Specifically, the proposal calls for a ban on ‘backdoors’ into encrypted communications and services.

Although the proposals are still a long way from becoming law, the recommendations put the EU in direct conflict with countries such as the UK that have long been calling for access to secure communications.

However, as we have made clear before, the desire to circumvent encryption is incredibly concerning. As such, it is encouraging to see a government body to come out so strongly in favour of encryption technologies. Businesses of all sizes, and individuals, not only have every right to protect their data (and that of their customers), but also have a responsibility to do so.

At Artmotion we have always offered our customers the highest levels of privacy security for their data, and encryption forms a key part of the service we offer. As such we genuinely hope that the EU can follow through on these proposals as that can only be a good thing for everyone who does business in Europe.