Hosting Riskmap: Data danger zones

An international benchmark of the world's safest - and riskiest - data locations

To find out just how safe the world’s data is, we put together a data risk score, using the latest independent data from the United Nations, Control Risks, Transparency International, Global IntAKE and the World Economic Forum. And to find out where the world’s data is currently stored, we also examined over 3.5 trillion IP addresses assigned to 170 countries.

3.5 trillion IP addresses analyzed
Switzerland is the safest nation
The 50 safest nations account for 3%
Includes 170 countries
Somalia is the least safe nation
15% are registered in danger zones

As our risk map shows, keeping data “at home” does not necessarily provide the most secure solution. Instead, businesses need to find the solutions best-suited to their individual needs.Those with the strictest privacy concerns may require a stronger approach than is available in their home nations.

Similarly, those seeking cloud and data storage solutions have every right to demand information on how, and where, their data is being stored. If the location does not match the promised levels of protection, then perhaps it’s time to make a switch.

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