As the world becomes increasingly reliant on data and the infrastructure underlying it, the importance of how that data is stored, where it is stored and who has access is amplified. At Artmotion we recognise that strong data protection is vital to businesses and as such we are constantly on the lookout for developments and trends around the world that can impact on data security.

the latest data privacy news and analysis from around the world

No security shortcuts in the cloud

As the cloud has become the central data platform for enterprises around the world so it is an increasingly attractive target for hackers and criminals. Indeed, Microsoft’s latest Security and Intelligence report has shown that attacks on cloud-based accounts have increased by 300% in 2017 compared to 2016. However, while the report states that: “a […]

EU standing up for encryption

The European parliament’s committee on civil liberties, justice and home affairs has suggested that amendments to the 2002 regulation on privacy and electronic communications (ePrivacy) are required in order to safeguard encryption. Specifically, the proposal calls for a ban on ‘backdoors’ into encrypted communications and services. Although the proposals are still a long way from […]

AI poses new challenges for data privacy

A recent article from TechTarget has raised the potential for serious data privacy conflicts to arise from artificial intelligence technologies and the ways in which they glean information on end users. This is a poorly understood (and regulated) area and it is important that businesses and end users understand the full implications of AI for […]

Are businesses too reactive on data security?

While the WannaCry attack has put data security back at the top of many businesses’ agendas, there is still a question mark over whether businesses are being proactive enough when it comes to protecting their, and their customers’, data. This recent article asks the pertinent question of whether organisations can do more to stay ahead […]

“Social media companies have been laughing in our faces”

This quote from a UK government official, perhaps more than any other statement, cuts to the core of the tension that exists around the issue of data encryption. As we have documented here previously, governments, technology companies, enterprises and users have been at loggerheads over encryption for a number of years. Governments, particularly in the […]

China latest country to overhaul data protection laws

Despite calls that it is “impossible to be compliant”, China’s new data protection legislation comes into force today, 1st June. The Cyber Security Law (CSL) sits alongside huge regulatory changes in the US and Europe on data protection, however it has proved particularly controversial with foreign companies doing business in China. Here details what you […]

Top 10 cyber security risks announced

As reported by InfoSecurity, ISACA has revealed its list of the top 10 cyber security threats for 2017. The top three risks were named as phishing attacks, web application attacks, and finally ransomware and malware.

UK Government continues its crack down on encryption

The UK Government has been in conflict with the technology industry ever since David Cameron’s call for a “ban” on encryption. Now it has come to light via The Guardian that the controversial Investigatory Powers Act already gives the government the power to compel communications providers to remove “electronic protection applied … to any communications […]

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