As the world becomes increasingly reliant on data and the infrastructure underlying it, the importance of how that data is stored, where it is stored and who has access is amplified. At Artmotion we recognise that strong data protection is vital to businesses and as such we are constantly on the lookout for developments and trends around the world that can impact on data security.

the latest data privacy news and analysis from around the world

“There is no such thing as absolute privacy in America”

Earlier this month FBI Director James Comey’s declared that “there is no such thing as absolute privacy in America”. With the CIA also under pressure following the latest revelations regarding its efforts to circumvent online encryption methods, it seems that the US’s reputation on data privacy is set to fall even further. Comey’s remarks in […]

UK Government continues its crack down on encryption

The UK Government has been in conflict with the technology industry ever since David Cameron’s call for a “ban” on encryption. Now it has come to light via The Guardian that the controversial Investigatory Powers Act already gives the government the power to compel communications providers to remove “electronic protection applied … to any communications […]

Data breaches on the rise

The Register reports that almost 1.4 billion data records were compromised globally during 2016, across 1,792 separate data breaches. The figures represent a massive increase in data breaches of 86% compared to 2015 according to security firm Gemalto’s latest Breach Level Index (BLI) report.

Government moves against encryption increase need for data ‘safe havens’

Ever since David Cameron’s ill-advised call for a ‘ban on encryption’ western governments’ attitudes to data encryption have been in the spotlight. However, the increasing use of end-to-end encryption by the likes of WhatsApp seems to be persuading more and more governments that they should be restricting modern encryption methods. For example, in February the […]

GDPR compliance brings importance of data location into focus

A recent industry roundtable hosted by SC Magazine has highlighted how GDPR compliance is forcing businesses to completely overhaul their approaches to data privacy. In particular, the article throws some light on one of the more neglected factors when it comes to GDPR – data location. The key issue is that there is a clear […]

Data security no longer just an ‘IT issue’

More than half of C-level executives see data security as one of their top three business priorities this year, according to new research from ChristianSteven Software. While for many years data security has been considered by many as purely an ‘IT issue’ this new research suggests these attitudes are shifting, which can only be good […]

Higher spending on data security isn’t delivering results for businesses

Computer Weekly has reported on research that shows cyber breaches are increasing despite increased security spending. As the report highlights the news suggests that “despite the rise in breaches, companies are still prioritising network and endpoint security systems over encryption”. The fact is that there are many factors that make up good data security policy […]

Trump highlights danger of regulatory uncertainty for data privacy

Even though it is still early days in the President Trump era there have already been, perhaps unsurprisingly, been some troubling moves from the new administration when it comes to data privacy. Firstly, one of the new President’s controversial executive orders has potentially jeopardised EU-US Privacy Shield. In trying to bolster protections for US citizens […]

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