As the world becomes increasingly reliant on data and the infrastructure underlying it, the importance of how that data is stored, where it is stored and who has access is amplified. At Artmotion we recognise that strong data protection is vital to businesses and as such we are constantly on the lookout for developments and trends around the world that can impact on data security.

the latest data privacy news and analysis from around the world

Higher spending on data security isn’t delivering results for businesses

Computer Weekly has reported on research that shows cyber breaches are increasing despite increased security spending. As the report highlights the news suggests that “despite the rise in breaches, companies are still prioritising network and endpoint security systems over encryption”. The fact is that there are many factors that make up good data security policy […]

Trump highlights danger of regulatory uncertainty for data privacy

Even though it is still early days in the President Trump era there have already been, perhaps unsurprisingly, been some troubling moves from the new administration when it comes to data privacy. Firstly, one of the new President’s controversial executive orders has potentially jeopardised EU-US Privacy Shield. In trying to bolster protections for US citizens […]

Passing of Snoopers’ Charter means it’s time for UK businesses to rethink their data security approaches

A year on from it’s introduction by Theresa May as home secretary, the Investigatory Powers Bill, otherwise known as the “Snoopers’ Charter”, passed into law at the start of the new year. The law has been roundly condemned by privacy advocates and technology businesses alike. Perhaps the most pertinent of the criticisms came from Guy […]

Is the US following the UK’s snooping lead?

The UK is not the only country to introduce sweeping changes to its surveillance powers. ZDNet reported on the so-called Rule 41 change in the US that came into effect in late 2016. The change allows magistrate judges to issue search warrants for a slew of US agencies to remotely access and search computers in […]

EU-US Privacy Shield called into question

Meanwhile a legal challenge from privacy group Digital Rights Ireland means that the recently approved EU-US Privacy Shield will face scrutiny in the European Union Court of Justice. As highlighted by Diginomica: “it’s fair to say that data sovereignty and data residency and the reach of the US law enforcement and intelligence agencies remains a […]

German government looks to loosen data protection laws

Ars Technica reports that “Germany is planning a “data protection prevention law” that will reduce dramatically the powers of the country’s privacy watchdogs”. Experts are calling the draft legislation a disaster waiting to happen and it seems clear that in its current form the legislation would significantly curtail the privacy rights of German citizens.

Panama Papers: Can privacy and transparency coexist?

Earlier this week, an unprecedented data leak saw the world’s media release 11.5m documents from Mossack Fonseca – the fourth largest offshore law firm. These documents included details of numerous world leaders and entrepreneurs looking to avoid taxation through offshore accounts. Generally accepted as the largest leak in history, the Panama Papers incident provides us all with an opportunity […]

Defending Data Privacy

In an age of cyber attacks, corporate spying and government snooping scandals, it’s more important than ever for businesses to defend their data and protect the privacy of their customers. But with increasing pressure from governments to share data and reduce the strength of their encryption, it’s becoming extremely difficult for businesses to maintain the […]

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