Manufacturing & Consumer Goods

If you are working in manufacturing, you know that time and efficiency are very precious assets. Our IT Outsourcing Solutions can help you make the most of your time!

In the manufacturing industry you need a lot of stamina and effectiveness and can’t afford to stop production at any cost. To make sure you don’t have to compromise production because of a minor matter, it is very wise to outsource your data to a server co-location outside of your work place.

Switzerland is the ideal place for hosting your secure rack within our Europe-based datacenter. No matter if your team requires a space for one single server or if you require a full colocation rack service, our Swiss staff is happy to consult you.

Furthermore it gives you the security that your data is accessible to you at any time and is safe and sound, no matter what may occur at your location. This service gives you the advantage of being able to focus on fast and efficient production instead of wasting time on worrying about the safety of your data and can be a key factor to your company’s success.

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