Managed Database

We support the following Database and more

At Artmotion we support all major database infrastructures, apps and systems ranging from MariaDB, Oracle, mongoDB, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server to MySQL. Rest assured that your data is always stored safely and that our database solutions are equipped with a world-class infrastructure and support team that is readily available to help you.

99,9% uptime

With our 99,9% uptime guarantee we want to make sure that your data is available exactly when you need it. We’re especially proud of our uptime performance since we started operating our secure datacenters in Switzerland and include this 99,9% uptime guarantee in all SLAs we issue.

Server Installation (managed)

Let us take care of the installation and maintenance of your server. With your dedicated root servers it is possible for you to take complete control over your personal server, and with our managed solutions we’ll make sure that everything runs smoothly.


We keep redundancy backups of everything that is stored in our main datacenter on a different, remotely located datacenter if requested. This way we can increase the availability and the security of your data even further and you may recover any data in case of data loss or unexpected disruptions.

Handcrafted in Switzerland

We’re proud of our roots and handcraft our solutions in Switzerland. Artmotion is 100% based and operated out of Switzerland, with 100% Swiss management. Since we’re fully based within the confines of Switzerland no outside government may dictate actions except for the Swiss authorities which have to comply with one of the world’ s strictest privacy laws.


With Artmotion not only is your data secured by the strict privacy laws of Switzerland but all you data is also stored in world-class secure datacenters protacted by keycard, fingerprint readers, video surveillance, personal password, individual rack locks and of course our state-of-the-art mantrap door which can’t be unlocked until the opposite door has been closed.

Managed Database

Let us take care of the difficult part and provide you with a fully configured database. We’ll take care of initial setup and look after the proper maintenance to ensure you’re database is readily available and working efficiently at all time.

Secure Dedicated Setup

Choose a dedicated root server and be in full control. With a root infrastructure there are no limits on how you configure your server, install which software or handle your firewall. If you’re looking for a secure hosting solution and are able to configure and maintain a server yourself, then this is the right solution for you.

Free Consultation

Click the button below to request a free callback and let one of our security experts help you instantly.

Click the button below to request a free callback and let one of our security experts help you instantly.

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