Hosted Desktop / Workstation

Hosted Desktop in combination with our Dedicated Server Solutions

With the Hosted Desktop solution, data which in the past was saved on your local workstation or laptop, will now be securely hosted within our Swiss-based datacenter. With the Hosted Desktop service, we provide you with a full administrator account to a Windows-based server. The specialists connect by Terminal Server to access your server. The system can be based on a virtual-, or if needed for security reasons, on a dedicated server.

The Hosted Desktop solution is protected by a firewall to allow a secure connection between your location and our datacenter. All the needed physical hardware is located within Switzerland. Whether your office is located in Switzerland, Europe or in any other part of the world, your important data is safely secured within our datacenter. It is available to you whenever you need it. No matter what happens to your laptop or local PC; all your office applications which have been installed on your workstation are now hosted in our Switzerland datacenter.

With our Hosted Desktop solution you can install Word, Office, Outlook Express and Business Applications, Secure and Critical Trading.

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