UK Government continues its crack down on encryption

Mateo Meier | March 31, 2017

The UK Government has been in conflict with the technology industry ever since David Cameron’s call for a “ban” on encryption. Now it has come to light via The Guardian that the controversial Investigatory Powers Act already gives the government the power to compel communications providers to remove “electronic protection applied … to any communications or data”.

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Although experts are quoted as saying that any attempt to enforce this rule would end in failure, it remains a concern for any businesses that rely on hosting their data in the UK.

Mateo Meier
Mateo Meier, founder of Artmotion, spent the early stages of his career over in the US where he became an astute marketing director before returning home to Switzerland to setup Artmotion. Artmotion was started in early 2000 and provides highly bespoke server solutions to an international set of clients.