Banking & Financial – Your Secure Forex Server in Switzerland

IT Outsourcing Solutions for Banking and Financial Businesses

As a leading banking and finance firm you know the importance of keeping your client’s critical business information safe. We can help you to secure your data within our Swiss datacenter! The trust and loyalty of the clients is vital for the success of a company. When it comes to storing essential information you don’t want to take a risk!

Secure Banking & Financial Hosting Solutions

Outsourcing your data can be the key factor to a company’s success. Your data is protected from external influences, as your infrastructure is managed within our datacenter in Zürich (Switzerland, Europe). In case of an emergency you can access a backup at any time and restore it to your mission-critical location. Furthermore you can profit from the neutrality and the financial stability of the country.

Secure Forex Server

Hosting forex trading software (liek metatrader for example), financial trading tools or banking applications becomes highly secure when hosted in one of our private Swiss data centres. A secure forex server that is not only fast but also highly reliable is of utmost importance in the trading business. With hundreds of clients in finance and banking we exactly know the needs of businesses of all sizes and are able to get your trading software up and running in next to no time.

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